General Information

We help vulnerable adults, and are always looking to extend our hands to all. ‘A vulnerable adult is someone aged 18 or over, who is, or may be, in need of community services due to age, illness or a mental or physical disability. Who is, or may be unable to take care of himself/herself, or unable to protect himself/herself against significant harm or exploitation.’
We cater for all needs and make sure you feel safe, secure and socially included. We do this by making sure you have a dedicated support officer, who will work with you side-by-side and will never let you down. It is their job to make sure you receive the level of support you deserve, and we will always make sure you are listened to.
Your needs will be met, and we will provide you with clean and modern facilities within your place of residence, making sure you have access to basic requirements. We make sure that your room is ready before you move in, and we make sure you are housed appropriately with us.
When moving in, you will be informed of all rules and guidelines of your place of residence, and it is your responsibility to adhere to them, to ensure long-term occupancy and a swift transition into your new place of residence.

As part of your Support we will:

- You will be contacted by your support worker to arrange your support sessions and discuss your individual support needs in more detail.
- Complete your needs assessment form and your support plan within the first 4 weeks of your sign up.
- Review your risk assessment and support plan every 12 weeks – or before if your circumstances change. At this review you or your Support Worker can ask for other agencies to attend.
- Provide weekly meetings with your Support Worker at a time suitable for you both

Your support worker will:

- Be polite and helpful
- Have access to accurate information to assist you or let you know who can help you
- Be willing to listen
- Respond sensitively to your needs
- Respect confidentiality and give you access to a confidential environment

What's Required

As part of your Support Contract, we expect you to:

- Sign up to your needs assessment and support plan. We expect you to positively engage in the support we provide; this means setting up and agreeing to basic outcomes to be achieved during your stay and then working with your support worker to enable you to achieve those outcomes.
- Attend weekly support meetings as arranged by your support worker – if you need to cancel and re-arrange your support meeting you must contact your support worker or the main office giving us good notice.
- Persistent failure to engage in support sessions could result in you having to leave the property.
- Pay your weekly service charge – this covers both your support and costs of utilities for your own room (lighting, heating etc). Refusal to pay may result in you having to leave the property.
- Keep to the terms of your licence Agreement.
- Respect your neighbours, other residents and the property.

- If you are looking to apply, either for yourself or on behalf of someone else, then an application form must be completed.

- If you are completing a self-referral and/or don’t have a risk-assessment or CPA, then please call National Housing Services and we will assist you with the process, or go to our referrals page.

- Proofs of ID, Photographic ID and any other documents you may have, which will assist in your registration.

Application Process

To apply, you will need to call or complete the referral form, then attend an appointment with one of our staff members, and they will take you through the process and register you as soon as they can, making sure that you understand the requirements we expect, and ensuring you are comfortable and happy with where you are being housed. We aim to be as helpful, polite and professional as possible, giving you a quality service.


If you have any feedback to give, or a complaint to report, please fill out the form below, and select the correct subject from the menu.